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The Sower Bible Bookstore helps build and strengthen Christian faith in our community by providing resources and materials that equip followers to share the gospel, disciple others, and enrich their own walk with God. The Sower is a non-profit organization. ALL proceeds from the store go to local ministries and mission work around the world.

The Sower Bible Bookstore first opened its doors in North Idaho more than 22 years ago.  To this day it remains a locally owned and operated Christian bible, book, music DVD, home décor and gift store.

Highway Evangelism (now Reach America), purchased the store in 2011.  We are honored to carry on the legacy of past owners who each brought their gifting to make the Sower what it is today.

The Sower name is borrowed from the parable Jesus told in Matthew 23, Mark 4 and Luke 8.  In keeping with the message Jesus shared through the parable of the sower, we hope to serve as sowers to the community.

Our Prayer is that all resources, materials, and items presented in the store are biblically sound and are used to further His kingdom and glorify His name.

Our Passion is to create a safe place where God’s love and grace abound, where the Holy Spirit dwells, and where there is an open invitation to pray.

Our Purpose is to understand the Christian resource needs of our community and meet those needs with a servant’s heart.

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