Gary’s New Book Introduction: Part 3

Putting it all together & an invitation

I thank God for my varied and unique experiences in life and ministry. I have experiences most other pastors haven’t had. I have a unique perspective on government, American life, and culture. My experiences have led me to a stark conclusion. If we are going to make a real difference in the lives of those in our families and communities, we can no longer do church and ministry the way we have done it in the past.

My involvement in Abstinence Education was my attempt to “save America”. Did we do some good? Of course, but I now see the futility of those efforts. In short, we didn’t produce “fruit that lasted”.

At this point, I am tempted to go into a detailed discussion on why our attempts to “bring America back to God” are not working and never will. But my purpose, here, isn’t to argue the point concerning “saving America”.

If you are interested in hearing what I believe about America, her future and why our attempts to find political solutions to our broken American spirit is not the right strategy, I’ll be glad to sit down with ya and give ya an ear full.

I’ll just tell you this much about my personal experience. The spiritually motivated, patriotic journey I was on for nearly 30 years led me to see with eyes wide opened the futility of my efforts to “Change America” or to “Save America” or to “Bring America back to God”.

I believe the only way Christians can impact America is by getting back to Christ – His message and His methods. We need to tell people the gospel the way Jesus told it; do discipleship the way Jesus did it; design the church to operate as Jesus designed it to work.

I am now on a journey to see God change the lives of sinners! I want to invest in “fruit that lasts”. I want to see God’s Kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

God has revealed to me that He is raising an army of believers who need to be equipped to take the authentic gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to America and to the four corners of the earth. And I want to be a part of that movement. Through the power of His Holy Spirit, employing the gospel message through the methods Jesus established in the Bible, a little bit of heaven can visit earth.

Ask yourself these questions. Do you want to see the gospel, as Jesus told it, taken to every tongue and nation on this earth? Do you want to see discipleship as Jesus did it restored? Do you want to see God’s church the way He designed it unleashed in every community on the planet?

I’m not a young man, anymore. I have asked God that before He takes me home, I want to see Him do something great in our land. I want to see a movement of the Spirit of God that can only be described in those terms. I want to see a revival, first, amongst God’s people. Then, through His church, I want to see God set spiritual fires that the world will see and know it is God at work! Do you?

In the writing of this book, I am looking for people of passion. People who want to come together under the truth of God’s Word and in the power of His Holy Spirit to take Jesus to a lost and dying world. God is looking for people who, together, are willing to leave everything they have, crawl up on an old rugged cross, and follow Jesus. Are you in?

Consider this book your invitation to come together; to be the church that Jesus set out to build. You can reach me at Again, thanks so much for reading. Well, let’s get started.

The book will be divided into four sections.

  • Section One: The Gospel the Way Jesus Told It.
  • Section Two: Discipleship the Way Jesus Did It.
  • Section Three: The Church the Way Jesus Designed It.
  • Section Four: What Do We Do About What We Know?

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