LIFE! Curriculum

The LIFE Curriculum is designed to be completed, one-on-one, with the assistance of a mentor. A mentor is a person of the same sex who has already completed the program. If there is no one in your area who has completed the curriculum, you may be mentored online through Google Hangout or through something similar.

The LIFE Curriculum is based on 1 John 5:12, “He who has the Son has life, he who does not have the Son does not have life.”

LIFE answers four important questions.
  1. What is LIFE?
  2. How do I receive LIFE?
  3. How does LIFE happen?
  4. How do I share LIFE?

LIFE is a twelve-week mentoring process/curriculum. The only curriculum is the Bible and a journal.

LIFE is most effective when it is implemented as a part of the five stages of mentoring. While it is possible to implement the curriculum as a stand-alone program, we highly recommend the five-stage process outlined on this website.

LIFE is only available online.

For more info on LIFE and how to get started, please contact us.