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Jesus’ Model: Making Disciples through Mentoring

Mentoring is the model Jesus utilized in training His disciples. Mentoring is learning how to live in relationship with Christ by living in relationship with those who are living in relationship with Christ. The goal of the mentoring relationship is for the mentee to become the mentor – to carry on without the mentor. To complete what Jesus started, we must return to His model of disciple-making.

Jesus spent three years, living with twelve men, showing them what it meant to follow Him. From a close examination of Scripture, we find that Jesus employed a five-stage mentoring process to equip His disciples to carry on after He had ascended back to heaven.

Stage #1: Follow me.

When Jesus said, “follow me,” he meant to leave where you are and come, live with me. Matthew 4:18-22

Stage #2: Watch Me.

Mark 4:1-9 is an example of how the disciples observed Jesus as he demonstrated what it looks like when God works through someone. Don’t underestimate this point. The disciples walked with Jesus daily and had a front row seat as he taught performed miracles, and confronted the religious leaders of the day.

Step #3: Debrief.

At the conclusion of each day of mentoring, Jesus would sit down with his disciples and hold debriefings on what they saw and heard during that day. Read Mark 4:10-20.

Step #4: Practice runs.

Eventually, Jesus sent the disciples out into the world with specific assignments, they would return and report their findings. Read Luke 10:1-24.

Step #5: Launch!

After three years of intense training, of living and moving with Jesus, the disciples were ready to launch out on their own – they had become everything Jesus needed them to be. Jesus could now return to the Father. Read John 17.

At Reach America, we have developed a modern-day version of Jesus’ mentoring strategy — Seven Stages.

Stage #1 – Receive Mentoring and become involved in a support group

It is never a good idea to go it alone in life. Ecclesiastes 4:12 reads, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” A part of the mentoring process is attending a Coaching Group, made up all those who are in the mentoring process and those who have completed.  This group provides support and further training.

Stage #2 – Recieve Coaching

At the completion of the initial twelve weeks, we recommend that people stay in the group. Mentoring another person is NOT required to stay in the process. We believe that some people are still not ready to mentor another person at the conclusion of their first twelve weeks. Attending the Coaching Group keep that person immersed in the spirit of discipleship making.

Stage #3 – Discover an Apprentice

At some point in time, we believe it is important for every disciple to multiply themselves into another person. For some, this will be their children or spouse. This discovery stage could take days, weeks or months.

Stage #4 – Begin Mentoring

Once God leads someone to mentor another person, they have entered Stage 4. This is when the coaching increases and where a person really begins to realize what it means to make disciples.

Stage #5 – Go on your Mission

We believe that every Follower of Christ should directly participate in taking the gospel beyond where they live. We believe most Believers can make it, at least once in their lives, to the mission field. However, we also understand, some can’t. We like to say that we can Go-Send-Pray. Most can go, some can send and we all can pray. All of us play some part in completing the Great Commission.


Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing God is using you to bring others to Jesus; using you to teach them to follow Him and using you to model how they can lead others! Please contact us if you would like any further information.