The RA Family

Gary & Cindy Brown: Director/Secretary


Gary and Cindy founded Reach America in 2006 as a Christian leadership program. Originally, from Covington, Georgia, in 2009, the Browns moved to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Since the move to North Idaho, Reach America has flourished. Plans are now beingĀ made to take the LIFE Mentoring program to the Northwest and beyond. Gary’s new book, Pursuing the Heart of God, will be released, soon. Gary’s mentoring website is now available – These are exciting days as we are reaching America and beyond!

Derek & Mindy Thom, and Family

In 2012, Mindy — Gary and Cindy’s daughter — moved to Idaho from Covington, Georgia, to assist the Brown’s in expanding Reach America. Mindy led a homeschool co-op for three years before taking on the Assistant Principalship at LAM Christian Academy in Cd’A. Mindy is currently teaching at North Idaho Christian School. Derek is the IT guy at RA. He developed this website! The Thoms are excited about their future at RA and are eager to see what God is up to around the world!

Ron & Kate Vieselmeyer

Ron and Kate Vieselmeyer are Reach America board members. Ron and Kate have been ministering in the Coeur d’Alene area for nearly 40 years as the Director of Highway Evangelism. God has greatly used the Vieselmeyers to bring Christ to north Idaho! Ron, as director of Highway Evangelism, worked together with Gary Brown, to bring about the merge of the two ministries. Ron and Gary believed the new ministry should retain the Reach America name. Ron’s and Kate’s ministry continue through RA.

Eric & Sue Redman

Eric and Sue Redman are Reach America board members. The Redmans founded Redman & Company Insurance, in Rathdrum, Idaho. Eric and Sue just recently retired. EricĀ is about to wrap up four years of service as an Idaho State Representative from District Two. The Redmans are passionate about Christ and what God is doing in the world through Reach America. Eric and Sue have been with Reach America since the Brown’s relocation to north Idaho.

Jordan & Amy Redman, and Family

Jordan and Amy Redman are recent additions to the Reach America board. Jordan and Amy are co-owners of Redman & Company, in Rathdrum, Idaho. The Redmans also own several other businesses in north Idaho and eastern Washington. Jordan and Amy have been great additions to the RA Board. They are passionate about their relationship with Christ and they are eager to see what all God is doing through Reach America!


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